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Sword Rubber Sword Nixi Long Pimples Rubber Table Tennis Rubber Ping Pong Karet OX without sponge

Brand: Sword

Model: Nixi

Rubber Type: Long Pimples

Hardness: OX (without a sponge)

Speed: 10.5

Control: 11

Arc: 9.5

Product features: "Counter-attack" long glue is a specially developed super long "super-large particle long glue", which is a new type of experience long glue created for the majority of long glue enthusiasts.

The super-large particles provide strong support for this long rubber, and the super-high particles combined with the unique particle arrangement give this rubber an unimaginable rebound force. It makes the ball have an incredible weird trajectory and a feeling of extreme dizziness, thus easily destroying the attacker's psychology. This product uses (high-strength reinforced rubber) technology to make it more durable and save golfers the trouble of constantly updating rubber.
New feelings, new experiences, starting from "counter-attack".

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