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Sword Rubber Sword 2000F Internal Energy Spin Elastic Table Tennis Rubber Ping Pong Getah Karet

Brand: Sword

Model: 2000F Internal Energy 

Rubber Type: Inverted 

Rubber Surface: Spin Elastic

Thickness: Max

Hardness: Medium Soft

Fitted Play: Loop & Quick Attack

The hitting ability of 2000F Internal energy is produced by the energy storage and release of the sponge at the moment of hitting. The major breakthrough of the internal energy type rubber cover is to make full use of the new TENSION-X technology. Before the sponge and rubber are bonded, the sponge rubber is treated with special materials to increase its tension, resulting in an explosive release of internal capabilities when hitting the ball. SEO Internal Energy Promotional Sleeve adopts the second-generation TENSION-X technology, which not only has the characteristics of rapid burst when hitting the ball with the general internal energy sleeve, but also because of the use of advanced fast bonding new technology, it has realized the reverse The ability of the bonding part of the film and the sponge is integrated and integrated, which reduces the loss of the ability of the bonding part at the moment of hitting to a small amount so that the energy of the sponge and the rubber is integrated, and the high energy efficiency of 1+1>2 is realized.

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