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Palio Rubber Palio Flying Dragon Short Pimples Table Tennis Rubber Ping Pong Karet Pips Out

Brand: Palio

Model: Flying Dragon 

Thickness: 2.0mm 

Hardness: 36-38°

Rubber Type: Short Pimples

Origin: Made in China 

Palio Flying Dragon (BIOTECH) Short Pips-out Rubber 

It is well known that whatever pips-out rubbers found on the market have the deadly weakness of poor spin. This leads to the near extinction of the traditional Chinese pips-out attack playing style. But now, things are DIFFERENT!! Flying Dragon rubbers are manufactured with the latest super special Japanese single-crystal additive PANA-TETRA. This innovation raises the dynamic of coefficient of friction (spin), anti-abrasion (durability) and control to a new high level. Strong spin, superior control and great speed coming from the Palio tensor allow these pips-out rubbers to reach a new spin level like that of a pips-in rubber WITHOUT losing any of the pips-out advantages.

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