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Palio Blade Palio Way003 Table Tennis Blade Ping Pong Racket Wooden Racquet Paddle Bats Wood Way 003

Brand: Palio 

Model: Way 003

Blade Type: All-wood

Plies: 7-ply wood

Grip: CS Chinese Penhold / FL Handshake

Thickness: 6.3mm± 

Weight: CS 85g± / FL 90g± 

SizeL 149mm x 156mm 

Type: Offensive

Features: "Beyond imagination", the bonding of 4 pieces of wood in the same direction in the middle completely subverts the traditional design. The idea is to deliberately amplify the difference in material ratio distribution, which has limited the flight of the ball. The length of the arc highlights the offensive power of the looping ball. 

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