Kokutaku Rubber Blutenkirsche Pro Version 868 Spin Elastic Rubber Getah Ping Pong Table Tennis Rubber Sheet

Brand: Kokutaku

Model: Blutenkirsche 868 Pro Version

Rubber Type: Spin Elastic

Thickness: 2.15mm

Hardness: Medium Hard

Fit Type: Quick attack & Top-spin loop drive

Kokutaku Blutenkirsche 868 Tokyo is a New type of NON-TACKY EXPLOSION professional table tennis rubber with a sponge. It was developed by Tianjin Tuttle International Trade Co., Ltd. Tianjin, China under the guide of table tennis experts from Japan.

It used natural rubber and adopted the World's most advanced pimples structure & rubber surface treatment technologies. Thus, makes the rubbers with strong spin, fast speed and ideal steadiness in the same time. When combines with a MAGIC sponge, can further reveal the product's styles and characters, obtaining the FAST SPEED & perfect spins. Thus, makes every player loves it.

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