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Dawei Rubber Dawei Saviga 388D-2 Long Pimples Table Tennis Rubber PIng Pong Getah Karet Long Pips OX

Brand: Dawei Saviga

Model: Saviga 388D-2

Rubber Type: Long Pimples

Thickness: OX (without a sponge)

Dawei 388D-2 is a newly designed and ITTF approved long pimple rubber.  Its medium diameter pimple size, new material and new manufacturing process are designed for the new balls. 

Dawei 388D-2 adalah getah jerawat panjang yang baru direka dan ITTF. Ukuran jerawat berdiameter sederhana, bahan baru dan proses pembuatan baru dirancang untuk bola baru.

Dawei 388D-2 is a one-time moulding long pimples, which has got the latest certification by ITTF. It is strong and durable and could be applied in regular international competition. 

Dawei 388D-2 adalah satu kali membentuk jerawat panjang, yang telah mendapat sijil terbaru oleh ITTF. Ini kuat dan tahan lama dan dapat diterapkan dalam pertandingan antarabangsa biasa.

  • Formular: High-tech formular. unique and novel 
  • Technique: Adopting material preaction process; optimizing composite endpoints to complete the curing process from low molecular weight to polymer 
  • Structure: High and large particles; golden ratio; the particles deform strongly at the moment of touching the ball.
  • Distinguishing Features: Using the opponent's spin to play your own, Counterattack 
  • Stopping the ball with rapid underspin, Hard to return. 
  • Putting a short close-to-table, Unpredictable. 
  • Attacking driving really sinking, Powerful.
  • Chopping producing a strong underspin.

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