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Sanwei Ball Multi-Purpose Training Balls 3 Star Plastic ABS 40mm+ 100 pcs White Bola Ping Pong

RM 59.00
Sanwei Ball Multi-Purpose Training Balls 3 Star Plastic ABS 40mm+ 100 pcs White Bola Ping Pong Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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Brand: Yinhe

Model: ABS TR 40mm+

Grade: 3 Star

Material: Plastic ABS

Colour: White

Quantity: 100 pcs per package

Having a big box of table tennis training balls is useful if you are serious about improving.
If you just play for fun, then you don’t need a big box of balls. You can keep using the same one or two balls until they eventually crack or get trod on. But if you a serious about improving, then having a box of balls has a few advantages…

1. More efficient training

If you only have one ball when you are doing training drills, you’ll spend as much time (probably more) just picking the ball up from the floor. It can be difficult getting into a rhythm with drills if you have to keep stopping to pick up the ball from the back of the playing area.

But if you have a box of balls, you will spend much more time actually doing your drills. When someone messes up the drill, no problem. You don’t need to wander off to get the ball back, just get another ball from the box. If you train for an hour, you will hit the ball a lot more, which means you will improve faster.

2. Multi-ball training

If you have a box of balls, you can vary your training methods. You will be able to do multi-ball training with your partner. This is where one player feeds the balls to the other player in a regular or random sequence. Here’s a video example.

All professional table tennis players will use this method of training. It’s a great way to improve, as you can work on your technique, footwork, spin, speed, power, recovery and fitness. But you do need a lot of balls to do multi-ball training.

3. Service training

Having a good service game is vital in table tennis. And there’s really only one way you can get really good at serving, and that is a lot of solo service practice.

Service practice with one or only a few balls is not the best use of time, as you will spend more time collecting your balls than actually serving. But with a big box of balls, you can really get into a good serving rhythm to improve your existing serves and also experiment with different variations.

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