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Yinhe Qing Pro-FX Solidify Long Pimples Table Tennis Rubber Getah Ping Pong

RM 130.00
Yinhe Qing Pro-FX Solidify Long Pimples Table Tennis Rubber Getah Ping Pong Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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Brand: Yinhe

Model: Qing Pro-FX

Rubber Type: Long Pimples 

Granule Width: 1.5mm±

Granule Height: 2.1mm±

Thickness: OX (without a sponge)

Category: Solidified / non-solidified

Origin: Made In China

Quantity: One piece

"Qing Pro-FX" long rubber is designed for defensive and offensive players. The particles are made of a special German formula, which is very durable and effective in defending high-quality topspin balls. The defensive topspin ball is returning the ball close to the net, low, erratic, sinking, and not going forward, making the opponent unexpectedly, unable to find the hitting point, and the return of the ball is very counter-spin, and the opponent can hardly loop the second time.

Characteristics of solidified

Solidified long pimples rubber exhibits reduced friction compared to its non-solidified counterpart. This reduction in friction results in enhanced blocking capabilities, with the ability to generate a stronger reverse spin and a noticeable sinking effect when returning a top spin ball. Consequently, it becomes challenging for opponents to execute a second loop. The rubber imparts a flat and floating trajectory while maintaining high attacking speed. However, it's worth noting that solidified rubber demands a higher level of control and introduces an element of unpredictability, making it a unique and challenging choice for players seeking to disrupt their opponents' strategies.

Characteristics of non-solidified

Non-solidified long pimples rubber boasts higher friction compared to its solidified counterpart. This heightened friction translates into a distinct blocking style characterized by a strong reverse spin, slower speed, and minimal forward movement when returning a topspin ball, often taking opponents by surprise. The rubber facilitates a higher arc trajectory and a slower pace during attack. In summary, it offers excellent control, rendering it suitable for both defensive playstyles. Its versatility makes it an attractive choice for players seeking a well-rounded rubber that can adapt to various game situations.

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